Monday, January 16, 2012

Aloha Cowboy


My husband and I took a trip this October with some good friends of ours to Oahu! It was the first time I had been to Hawaii! We had a wonderful time. My one goal while I was there, was to find some genuine Hawaiian fabric. The last full day we were there, our friend spotted one as we were driving. It was amazing. I could have spent hours and hours shopping for fabric.

Aaron, my husband really wanted an aloha shirt, so I took this opportunity to create a one of a kind for him. He loves the cowboy shirt style so I kind of killed two birds with one stone here.

Fabric: Cotton/Poly blend - He picked out this print. I love that he was able to get a shirt made from a fabric of his choosing.
Pattern: McCall's M6044

FYI: I have several more fabrics I picked out at this store and will be sewing up some more fun Hawaiian inspired outfits! The shop we went to has a web site and you can order online:

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Travel Kit and Other Awesome Sewing/Fashion Gifts

My good friend Shelby gave me a great gift this Christmas. It's a little sewing kit that she put together herself. It is so cute. I took some pictures of it. Maybe I can get her to detail how she made it. I also got a very inspiring book from my friend Sarah. She and her husband moved to NYC this summer. She had the opportunity to see the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty show at the MET.  She sent me the exhibit catalogue. It is amazing and I am going to write about this soon.

And that's not all! My dear husband also gave me a pair of pinking sheers for Christmas and my aunt gave me a pair of thread scissors.

Thank you for the wonderful gifts. I really appreciate them.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Meet Tater (calico) and Ginger (orange). They help out while I am working on sewing projects. Mostly they like to sit on stuff and remove pins from cut out pattern pieces. Looks like Tater is cleaning Ginger's ear. How helpful!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Char and Jordan's Pillow

So my friends Char and Jordan got married recently! Congrats to them. They had a silhouette theme. I created this pillow using their silhouettes. I really think it turned out to be pretty nice.

Pattern: Char and Jordan's silhouettes were provided by her sister. I traced them in Illustrator, resized and printed out the pattern. The pillow is aprox 18"x18".

Back of pillow: Natural linen
Front of pillow: White with a silvery white print
Silhouettes: Black felt

Bonus: I got the actual pillow from goodwill for about 2 bucks. It was a Pier 1 Imports pillow with an ugly case. I just removed the case and used the inner pillow. Great money saving tip!

Fashion Girls

I enjoy drawing and painting occasionally. Here are some fun little sketches.

Past Project: Wool Coat

Pattern: McCall's M5525
Fabric: 100% Wool Coating

I actually did some sketches for this before I purchased the fabric and sewed this piece. They are included below.

Past Project: Single Shoulder Tunic

Pattern: McCall's M6118
Fabric: Jersey (sorry, don't know other details on this)